Upholstery Cleaning Putney

Did you know that your upholstery is probably the dirtiest thing in your home? The amount of dirt, dust, body-liquids, germs, nasty smells, and other impurities that your couch, mattress, and curtains attract and trap is a lot and it can ruin their appearance completely.

The furniture in your home is used every day, and when it isn’t being cleaned properly – or at all, all of the accumulated impurities will go deeper into the fabric. Over time, this will wear out your favorite couch and it will lose its appeal.

Let us transform your upholstery

Our team does not recommend you blindly follow all of those DIY cleaning method surfacing on the internet since they might actually do more damage than good. Upholsteries are made out of very delicate materials, therefore, they should be taken care of a certain way.

Our trained cleaning technicians have the right equipment as well as the experience and knowledge to steam clean your upholsteries without any risks of damage. Our cleaning methods don’t leave any residue or smell behind, and the products we use are non-toxic and safe for humans and pets.

Yes, we use steam to clean all upholstery. It is proven to be the most effective and powerful method since the hot water extraction is able to penetrate deep into the fabric and extract all of the impurities, dirt, and dust from it while it is still gentle and won’t harm it.

If you are interested and would like for our cleaning technicians to take care of your upholstery then get in touch with us. One of our friendly customer service agents will pick up and will calculate a free quote that is non-obligatory.

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